A Goddess Trying To Conceive

‘Madonna Of The New Earth’ I’m dreaming of a life to come That’s hiding some place near the sun, And in my wait of loving breath Sometimes it feels more living death. Yet Mother Moon she whispers so, “Listen deeply for truth you know!” I listen to my Mother Moon For she my rhythm helps […]

Becoming and Being My Own Goddess

Becoming and being my own Goddess… this is a sacred path I travel, of dreams and delights, of discovering and re-discovering me. I am my own Goddess. I am my own Guide. My joy comes in trusting my own unique approach to life. I claim my ultimate fortune through expressing the wholeness of my self. […]

Iridescent Blue

Iridescent. Falling into blue. Grasping the filament of dream to begin anew the path unseen. Never experienced… virgionic… still needing refinement of taste and the luxury of transcendent bliss. Meditation, of course… always a beginning allsorts… like liquorice rapturously entwined the vine of love’s devilish ways… a messenger of angel’s guise filling the ocean of […]

‘Fertile Writers’ Creating New Lives

Yesterday’s post inspired me to write again about writing! There were three things that really pulled me back in to this topic today! Firstly it was the vision of being in the villa in the photo. I knew if I wanted to create my own version of that experience all I had to do was […]

The Ritual of Writing A Right Happy Life

Rituals positively influence my happiness! My day begins with my own glorious ritual. When I wake up I go to the kitchen and grind fresh coffee beans, and put them into my stove-top espresso pot to brew a deliciously full-bodied morning coffee… Goddess, I love this part of my day! I’m not always fully awake […]

Live As You Knead

You prepared… Brought together your choices, and United them in love. You kneaded them to come together, You kneaded you to come together. You allowed for time to sit And let it prove To you that you had chosen well To create just the right mix. You kneaded Gently, and in its own time It […]

Doula to The Birthing Goddess

You are a Birthing Goddess! That’s how I see you! I see you as the Goddess you have always been, and I see the Goddess you are becoming! I honour you… ALL of you!!! I hear your deepest calling, and create for you the safest and most sacred place to express it! That’s how I […]