A Divine Doula’s Play Day

Some mornings We’re not meant to be alone When the angels call From a different kind of phone, We answer! “What did she say???” “She said she’s coming to play TODAY!!!” © Toni Armstrong BA Psych., PG Dip Psych Fertility Goddess ~ Muse ~ Divine Doula birthmuse@gmail.com   0423 956 261 Artwork ~ http://www.mywellingtonphotographer.co.nz. TONI IS […]

Just A Lady In Waiting

I’m just a Lady In Waiting, Who’s bored Of all this waiting for thee. A Lady In Waiting, Ready for My sugar baby. I’m just a Lady In Waiting, Dreaming Under my Dreaming Tree. A Lady In Waiting, Accustomed To the lap of luxury. I’m just a Lady In Waiting, Accused Of such lavish frivolity. […]

Laying On The Grass

Laying on the grass I’m dreaming of you And me, We three, Our family. Our days in the sun Looking forward, Greener pastures Ours to claim, Our land. Fruit trees and vegies Fresh for picking, An orchard Of eden, Our garden. Hatching chickens, Tending goats, Baking cakes, bread And love, Our life. Early morning alone […]

In My Time Alone

I dreamed for me of loving Of gentleness and kind Never would I have dreamed Of losing my own mind. Yet this is what she tells me Will bring me safely home To dive beneath the surface And feel what is my own. She asks me of my dreams And all my deep concerns, Most […]

Doula to The Birthing Goddess

You are a Birthing Goddess! That’s how I see you! I see you as the Goddess you have always been, and I see the Goddess you are becoming! I honour you… ALL of you!!! I hear your deepest calling, and create for you the safest and most sacred place to express it! That’s how I […]

Positively Pregnant!

Being ‘Positively Pregnant!’ is… A divinely inspired opportunity to express your creative potential, and is also about you thriving whilst growing your baby! Being ‘Positively Pregnant!’ is the twinkle in your eyes and the joy in your heart that says, “I’m energised!” “I’m present!” “I’m excited!” “I’m full of life!” “I want this experience to […]