In My Time Alone

I dreamed for me of loving Of gentleness and kind Never would I have dreamed Of losing my own mind. Yet this is what she tells me Will bring me safely home To dive beneath the surface And feel what is my own. She asks me of my dreams And all my deep concerns, Most […]

Birth Day of a Butterfly

Whatever have our struggles been, Dark journeys in our stride, It’s time for hearts to lighten To celebrate our pride. Into this life we did emerge With gifts of golden light, It’s ours to choose how we use Our wings for our next flight. Though successes can be many, We wish them here so soon, […]

Saturn’s Rendezvous

I sailed the seas to find you Yet you were never there, All I found was emptiness And deepening despair. You’d called me to a rendezvous I had never understood, You called me to myself I see Through storms for common good. The years of search were grueling Through each heaven’s lashing And all the […]

Forty Early Mornings Alone

A new moon teaches gradualness and deliberation, and how one gives birth to oneself slowly. Patience with small details makes perfect a large work, like the universe. What nine months of attention does for an embryo forty early mornings alone will do for your gradually growing wholeness. ~ Rumi I welcome you into a sacred […]


Pachamama, It is time to give our thanks To pay reverence, Beloved Pachamama. For you are the Giver of Life, The Universal Mother Who nourishes, Insistently sprinkling upon The landscape of my body, The landscape of my life. And when my need Is a shaking to my core With grace you continue to give More… […]


In abundance my oxytocin flows When my belly to the sun I show Giving thanks for all I can and the miracle that I am. © Toni Armstrong BA Psych., PG Dip Psych Fertility Goddess ~ Muse ~ Divine Doula   0423 956 261 Artwork ~ TONI IS AVAILABLE FOR APPOINTMENTS IN PERSON IN […]

The Ocean of a Pregnant Sea

In moments of my doubt in me,  I marvel at the way they be  At one with this mystery,  The ocean of a pregnant sea. © Toni Armstrong BA Psych., PG Dip Psych Fertility Goddess ~ Muse ~ Divine Doula   0423 956 261 Artwork ~ Debra Bernier TONI IS AVAILABLE FOR APPOINTMENTS IN PERSON […]

My Healing Tree

I have done all that was asked There is nothing more to do, No more thoughts to think Or hoops to distort through. My past world built of steel So far from my true home, I offer myself a new life I’ve never really known. So, time to be with me now I must go […]