Doula to The Birthing Goddess

You are a Birthing Goddess!

That’s how I see you!

I see you as the Goddess you have always been, and I see the Goddess you are becoming!

I honour you… ALL of you!!!

I hear your deepest calling, and create for you the safest and most sacred place to express it!

That’s how I hear you!

You are safe… You are respected… You are honoured… You are loved!

You are a Birthing Goddess!

That’s how I come to know you!

I am in love with the journey of becoming! Becoming is a process, it happens over time and sometimes in the most delightfully unexpected ways. I discovered this during my own process of becoming a mother. I birthed three daughters, and each of my pregnancies gave me the opportunity to discover and become more of my authentic self. My pregnancies were the most glorious journeys of discovering and recreating myself. With each baby I birthed, I became more of who I really am. I discovered a depth of love I had never experienced (my first born), a future I had never imagined (my second born) and the freedom and strength to live more and more of the life I was born to live, and be the person I was born to be… three priceless journeys.

The process of becoming did not end with the birth of my third daughter. In 1997, during my third pregnancy, I was also two years into the process of gaining a degree in psychology. Being simultaneously immersed in studying psychology, and being pregnant, re-awakened my passion for working with women during the birthing process. From this time, I focused my studies on the psychology of pregnancy and birth. In 2000, I began actively supporting women through their pregnancy and birth experiences. Through partnering with these birthing goddesses, it was continuously affirmed that we were doing more than birthing babies we were also birthing ourselves as women, as the goddesses we were born to be. In 2005, my post-graduate research on women’s experience of pregnancy was published in the Journal of Pre & Perinatal Psychology and Health.

Pregnancy and birth is not just a physical process, we are so much more than our physical bodies and it’s absolutely vital to acknowledge and affirm the presence of our whole selves. If we do not acknowledge and affirm our whole selves, how can we support our children in being and becoming who they were born to be. During pregnancy we wonder, “Who will this new life be? Who will this new life become?” Yet in order to truly honor the new life growing within it is absolutely essential to honor who you truly are, and who you are becoming.

When we take time to fully acknowledge ourselves… our own deep desires, fears, wishes, hopes, anxieties, needs… we can be more present for our pregnancy, our babies, our partners, and our new lives.

When a woman and I choose to walk side-by-side, sharing, exploring and discovering her unique path during pregnancy, together we discover her mysterious process… and together, we honour it… birthing babies in the best possible way, and birthing ourselves as the Goddess of our newest lives…

If you are considering a doula

I would love to hear from you to muse further about the possibility of supporting you throughout your pregnancy and/or birth experience. I have 23yrs experience as a parent, and 13yrs experience supporting women during pregnancy and birth, most of which have been NBAC (Next Birth After Caesarean). Whatever your choice, I support ‘you’! It is never too late to begin… Can’t wait to hear from you!!!




Aqua Ambi ~ The Fertility Goddess

© Toni Armstrong

BA Psych., PG Dip Psych

Fertility Goddess ~ Muse ~  Divine Doula

2 thoughts on “Doula to The Birthing Goddess

    • I’m in Perth, Western Australia! I do love flying though so don’t let distance get in the way of loving birth support when the time is right!!! 😉 So happy that you have found your way here… Lotsa love, Toni xxxxxxx ps. I’m looking forward to exploring your blog further… ❤

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