The Artisan Of Fire

Her focus is her furnace Her freedom is the air, Hearts she tends to burn For the ecstasy found there. She heat-seeks all your feelings Trapped within your mind And burns off their containment, Emancipation is designed! This Goddess is a fire-starter She gives birth to the flame. Revolution through the heart, DESIRE, her superlative […]

My Pointe Exactly

Now I’d like to make a pointe For everyone to see That life can be great fun Enhanced in pregnancy. I know that there are times When it’s not all that good There’s life you see, its vagaries And storms to be withstood. But I am talkin’ bout the moments Often places in between When […]

The “It’s Comin’ Outta Me Like Lava!” Cake Recipe!

Following my last post, I received a request for the recipe of this molten chocolate lava cake! This cake should definitely come with a ‘treacherous zone’ warning as it’s possible to be trampled to death by simply trying to get a piece before it’s all gone!!! This cake is a fairly recent addition to the […]

Divinity Candy, Dream Whip and All Tastes Between!

Well, I’ve had a bit of a break from my blogging beginning. It wasn’t intentional. It just happened that way. There I was day after day happily creating on my laptop when one morning I just felt the urge to give it a rest, more like give me a rest actually. I felt a much […]

The Ritual of Writing A Right Happy Life

Rituals positively influence my happiness! My day begins with my own glorious ritual. When I wake up I go to the kitchen and grind fresh coffee beans, and put them into my stove-top espresso pot to brew a deliciously full-bodied morning coffee… Goddess, I love this part of my day! I’m not always fully awake […]

Live As You Knead

You prepared… Brought together your choices, and United them in love. You kneaded them to come together, You kneaded you to come together. You allowed for time to sit And let it prove To you that you had chosen well To create just the right mix. You kneaded Gently, and in its own time It […]

Happy As Larry Sitting On a Rock!

Last week, I was off in search of Larry. I didn’t find him, no doubt he was off somewhere finding things to be happy about. However, my fruitless search for this fruit shop man did make me wonder a bit further about what happened to him and his creators. You see, Larry is very important […]

The Fertility Goddess

The Fertility Goddess welcomes you to her home. In her home you will discover a creative and loving space in which you feel valued, respected, honored, loved and safe. In her presence you will find the permission you have long sought to be who you really are, for The Fertility Goddess is a ‘believing mirror’ […]