The Rhythms Of A New Life

Who knew the sounds of life Would bring me such delight, The joy of my two loves, My rhythms reignite. Respect for who we are, Respect for what we say, Respect for what we choose, Bringing in new life, our joyful way. I honour who she is, She honours me so too, We honour our […]

A Divine Doula’s Play Day

Some mornings We’re not meant to be alone When the angels call From a different kind of phone, We answer! “What did she say???” “She said she’s coming to play TODAY!!!” © Toni Armstrong BA Psych., PG Dip Psych Fertility Goddess ~ Muse ~ Divine Doula   0423 956 261 Artwork ~ TONI IS […]

Just A Lady In Waiting

I’m just a Lady In Waiting, Who’s bored Of all this waiting for thee. A Lady In Waiting, Ready for My sugar baby. I’m just a Lady In Waiting, Dreaming Under my Dreaming Tree. A Lady In Waiting, Accustomed To the lap of luxury. I’m just a Lady In Waiting, Accused Of such lavish frivolity. […]

The Melody Of Her Mothering

This moment I choose In nature alone, Slow pace Shifting into silence, Not hers, mine. For she has much to say When I honor her With my awareness, Listening peacefully To the melody Of her mothering. And breathing in my Mother’s essence, I feel, the filtered sun on my skin. She holds Me, She heals […]

My Home In Me

For all the world I’ve traveled And still places call me more, It’s now that my return to home Calls me louder Than ever I’ve been called before. I used to dream up precious plans Of new homes found In newfound lands But nothing felt as home and free As when I found my home […]

Your Temple Within Mine

Calling me to your world, Your temple within mine, I became the Universe Of your golden glow. Moon’s light Ever circling, Like your life Through the body mine. All else slipped away And life became the Gift, The shift, Just a moment in time. You shone gently, the Light, In my worlds of darkness Gone […]

Will You Go Where I Have Been?

Will you go where I have been? Covered in my own mud Completely stripped Are you worth the journey? Of recovery, rediscovery Conceivably A first time discovery Are you ready? For your descent Into Her deep Into Her deep mystery Your deep mystery of you I have entered mine Again and again And I stand […]

Seven Gifts of Self-Love

I begin each day with seven gifts Of tender, self-loving, care. My receiving of these gifts for me, My daily sacred prayer. I give myself the Gift of Time, It’s sacred space for me To acknowledge I am my Divine, Beginning feeling free. I give myself the Gift of Love, A presence in each moment. […]

It’s About The Way I Feel

A new woman is emerging From within my change of plans, Newly mapped desires Me, Quite unexpected. Finally, I am mine to claim. My time to grow, to glow, I’m letting go, Becoming more Of me. I’ll tell you the story of my life, A tale of truth, My sacred secret of self-love… It’s now, […]

Laying On The Grass

Laying on the grass I’m dreaming of you And me, We three, Our family. Our days in the sun Looking forward, Greener pastures Ours to claim, Our land. Fruit trees and vegies Fresh for picking, An orchard Of eden, Our garden. Hatching chickens, Tending goats, Baking cakes, bread And love, Our life. Early morning alone […]