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“Becoming and being my own Goddess… this is a sacred path I travel, of dreams and delights, of discovering and re-discovering me.

 I am my own Goddess. I am my own Guide. My joy comes in trusting my own unique approach to life. I claim my ultimate fortune through expressing the wholeness of my self. I try my luck because I know, whatever comes, it will be an adventure, and I’ll learn from the experience.

 I dream… I conceive… I manifest… I delight! Between, and during, each of those important processes… I nourish myself… and I rest.

 I explore interests and fascinations far and wide, as I am curious. I love to discover my own gifts and talents, and I delight in the honour of witnessing you discovering yours.

 I love to travel, and if I am not traveling physically, I will be traveling in my mind. My mind is open and receptive, and as a result, I have more ideas than I could ever manifest in my lifetime. I delight in sharing ideas… and when we sit and chat… about your ideas… and mine… well, there’s magic in that mix.

 And… lucky us… We have a few extra Goddesses on our side for support, and together, in harmony… in flow… we love to bring into play… a unique mix of energies and inspiration for you to conceive… of any fortune your heart desires.”

Being a Soul Parent to my three daughters over the past two decades has provided me with an Ocean of Opportunities to grow personally and professionally. I’ve experienced some amazing adventures and in the process discovered my unique potential, in turn allowing me to also encourage my daughters to realize their unique potential. I believe the richness of my relationship with myself and with each of my three daughters has been enhanced through my decision and on-going commitment to living a creatively fertile and meaningful life. It is through the richness of my own life that I have been able to encourage and inspire a wealth of women to live their lives in such a way as to experience the essence of their dreams in their everyday lives. You do not have to wait for some future magical time or event to live your dream!

Having cut my teeth in the working world as a teacher, it wasn’t long before I made the decision to leap into new horizons and work from home. I loved the flexibility to be able to choose my own hours and organize my life with more of ‘me’ in it! Three years later, I was pregnant with my first daughter and loved that I would be able to continue with my work from home. With the impending arrival of my second daughter, I decided to devote myself fully to Motherhood and I LOVED the immersion!!!

When my two oldest daughters were 4.5yrs and 2.5yrs old, new aspects of myself were emerging and I made the decision to follow my heart’s prompting and return to university to study psychology. At that point, I really didn’t know what I was going to do in the future but every ounce of my being knew that I was making the right decision and that the rest of my journey would be revealed in good time.

The rest of my journey evolved serendipitously as I was immersed in researching and writing a Women’s Studies essay on Motherhood. During that time a blazingly bright inner light was turned on and I realised that my career would not be separate from my love of Motherhood!!! All along I had been wondering how I would fulfill my ambition and my deep desire to support my family in the best possible way. My greatest delight at this time was awakening to the fact that my future career was right under my nose, residing in my heart all along, and would allow my daughters and I to continue to benefit from the many positive aspects of having me work from home!!!

With the Goddess of Fertility ripening my life, a few months later I was blessed to be pregnant with my third daughter. During the months that followed, my new daughter flourished, together with my passion for Positive Psychology, Perinatal Psychology, the creative processes of pregnancy and birth, and the art of living a creatively fertile and meaningful life. Although it took me 10yrs in total to complete my psychology degree, during this time I was able to live a very creative and meaningful life as I parented my girls and continued to evolve as an empowered woman.

I have since journeyed with and supported a wealth of women through their pregnancies and births. Throughout this time I also awakened to the concept that the experience of pregnancy is fertile ground for positive transformation in women’s lives. This realization led me to simultaneously working with women on discovering their potential and birthing new and fruitful aspects of themselves. As a result, I have witnessed the birth of many women as they discovered their own source of inner strength, ability and power to manifest their dreams in amongst the demands of everyday life.

 “I discovered that my gift is to inspire women to realize their dreams, to awaken and to give birth to new life! I help women to navigate the gap between the ideal and the real, the place where dreams are lived daily!

 My work is about ‘giving women back to themselves’… shining light on their potential… and inspiring them to take action on living their dreams now!

 I am bursting with joie de vivre and I am wildly enthusiastic at the prospect of helping you discover yours!”

This is my ‘Love Nest Love Quest’!




Aqua Ambi ~ The Fertility Goddess

© Toni Armstrong

BA Psych., PG Dip Psych

Fertility Goddess ~ Muse ~ Divine Doula

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