The Fertility Goddess

The Fertility Goddess 2

The Fertility Goddess welcomes you to her home.

In the presence of The Fertility Goddess you will discover creative and loving spaces in which you feel valued, respected, honored, loved, safe… and joyful. In her presence you will find the permission you have long sought to be who you really are, for The Fertility Goddess is a ‘believing mirror‘ reflecting back to you the beauty, the depth and the vastness of your authentic self… She sees you as your most Divine.

You will also discover that The Fertility Goddess is not only stillness, serenity and the silence of deep listening. There is also contained within her dreamy exterior, yet another power just as in you, the feisty Divine Rebel… And when those Divine Rebels connect in permission play, rest assured, this will be… yet another celebration of an extraordinary new day!

Within this home you will find a space just for you… Toni’s Intuitive & Inspirational Musing for original poetry, prose and art… A Goddess Trying To Conceive for supporting you in creating new life… Doula To The Birthing Goddess for supporting you through pregnancy as you birth your new self and your baby… and Services for a list of uplifting sessions including ‘Toni’s Transformational Time-Out‘!



© Toni Armstrong

BA Psych., PG Dip Psych

Fertility Goddess ~ Muse ~ Divine Doula

Art by Kali~ Ma

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