Happy As Larry Sitting On a Rock!

Last week, I was off in search of Larry. I didn’t find him, no doubt he was off somewhere finding things to be happy about. However, my fruitless search for this fruit shop man did make me wonder a bit further about what happened to him and his creators. You see, Larry is very important […]

Positively Pregnant!

Being ‘Positively Pregnant!’ is… A divinely inspired opportunity to express your creative potential, and is also about you thriving whilst growing your baby! Being ‘Positively Pregnant!’ is the twinkle in your eyes and the joy in your heart that says, “I’m energised!” “I’m present!” “I’m excited!” “I’m full of life!” “I want this experience to […]

A Sense of Belongings: Unique People Taking Great Delight in Extra-Ordinary Things

In an effort to maintain a sense of continuity following my first post, my intention was to write about celebrating extra-ordinary days. However, it seems as though I’ve been guided in an entirely different, yet still extra-ordinary, direction. I was in search of an image of my favourite children’s book, ‘Happy As Larry’ written by […]

The Fertility Goddess

The Fertility Goddess welcomes you to her home. In her home you will discover a creative and loving space in which you feel valued, respected, honored, loved and safe. In her presence you will find the permission you have long sought to be who you really are, for The Fertility Goddess is a ‘believing mirror’ […]